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New SYS1052

We are pleased to announce that the Wall mount power supply SYS1001-0312-W2E was replaced by SYS1052-0312-W2E, which meets efficiency level VI and the new EN62368-1 standard. […]

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Efficiency Level VI

New regulation for US market


New regulation for US market

In an effort to cut consumption of electric energy expended on extrernal power adapters, the United States Department od Energy (DOE) published the new regulations valid from February 2016.

A Brief History

The infograph below traces the path from the CEC’s 2004 regulation up to the new Efficiency Level VI standards.

As different countries and regions enact stricter requirements and move from voluntary to mandatory programs, it has become vital that OEMs continually track the most recent developments to ensure compliance and avoid costly delays or fines. This regulation is valid for US market only not for other countries. 

The international efficiency marking protocol defines two performance criteria; no-load power consumption and energy efficiency. The table below summarizes the performance thresholds for each efficiency level as they were established over time:
 Level   No-Load Power Requirement   Average Efficiency Requirement
  I   used if you do not meet any of the criteria  
  II   no criteria was ever established  
  III   ≤10 Watts: ≤0.5W of No Load Power
  10~250 Watts: ≤0.75W No Load Power
  ≤1 Watt: ≥ Power x 0.49
  1~51 Watts: ≥[0.09 x Ln(Power)] + 0.49
  49~250 Watts: ≥84%
  IV   0~250 Watts: ≤0.5W No Load Power   ≤1 Watt: ≥ Power x 0.50
  1~51 Watts: ≥[0.09 x Ln(Power)] + 0.5
  51~250 Watts: ≥85%
  V Standard Voltage Ac-Dc Models (>6Vout)
  0~49 Watts: ≤0.3W No Load Power
  50~250 Watts: ≤0.5W No Load Power
  ≤1 Watt: ≥ 0.48 x Power + 0.140
  1~49 Watts: ≥[0.0626 x Ln(Power)] + 0.622
  50~250 Watts: ≥87%
Low Voltage Ac-Dc Models (<6VOut)
  0~49 Watts: ≤0.3W No Load Power
  50~250 Watts: ≤0.5W No Load Power
  ≤1 Watt: ≥ 0.497 x Power + 0.067
  1~49 Watts: ≥[0.0750 x Ln(Power)] + 0.561
  50~250 Watts: ≥86%
 The term "power" means the power designated on the label of the power supply.

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