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Desktop Power Supply

Desktop power supplies with 12W to 200W output power and 5V to 48V output voltage ...

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USB-C most used connector. PD (Power Delivery). Double-sided ...

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LED Drivers

Power supply adaptors for LED applications conforming to EN61347, EN55015, EN 61547 standards ...

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Car adapters

Power adapters for cars and trucks, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, etc.

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Power cables

AC IEC-320 power cords for table adapters in C5/6, C7/8, C13/14 designs ...

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Extension cables

DC/DC extension, hub and reduction cords for power adapters ...

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Various types of connectors for mounting boards for surface connections and reduction ...

Recommended products

SYS1588-Wxx 40W series

SYS1588 Wxx_complete eff VI RW.jpg

Switching wall mount power supplies (changeable AC plugs). Separately connectable plugs for Europe (W2E), G. Britain (W3U), USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan (W2), Australia (W2A), China (W2C) and Korea (W2K). Connectors 2.1x5.5, cable length 1.4m.

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SYS1308N-Wxx 24W series

SYS1308N-W2E eff VI.jpg

Switching wall mount power supply for Europe (plug W2E) or without plug (only cable), input voltage 90-264V, output voltage 7.5-48V, power 18W or 24W, output current 0.5-2.4A. Connector 2.1x5.5, cable length 1.8 m. The possibility of different types of AC plugs for worldwide use.

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SYS1621-Wxx 60W series

SYS1621-Wxx_complete eff VI.jpg

Switching wall mount power supply for Europe, USA/China,England, Australia, Argentina and Korea (W2E, W2, W3U, W2A, W2G, W2K plugs), input voltage 90-264V, output voltage 5V; 9V; 12V; 15V; 20V, power 30W; 45W; 60W. USB-C Power delivery.

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SYS1575-90xx-M3 series

SYS1575-M3 eff VI RB.jpg

Desktop power supplies with AC input M3, input voltage 90-264V, output voltage 12V - 54V, power 90W, output current 1,6A - 7,5A. Connector 2.1x5.5, cable length 1.5m. Suitable power cord: IEC 320 C5 "Mickey Mouse".

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