With a customer list that reads like a Who’s Who of the World’s Major Electronic Firms, Sunny Computer Technology has quietly become one of the world’s leading suppliers of switching power supplies and a wide range of electronic parts. Today Sunny’s parts and components can be found throughout the world in telecommunications, security systems, notebooks, LCD monitors, scanners, switching hubs, USB hubs, Wi-Fi, chargers, digital cameras, medical equipment, electronics testing equipment, printers, cash registers, point-of-sale barcode scanners and printers, PC peripherals, single and dual-controls for electric blankets, and many other consumer electronic products. And the list keeps growing. The company is renowned for its innovative design, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, superb quality control, and customer satisfaction – all at competitive prices. All products meet or exceed the highest international standards and codes.

Ability of competition analysis


Highly developed research

From the very beginning of the company, we have relentlessly and aggressively engaged in Research and Development while keeping up with new products and technologies. In the future, both near and far, this standard will continue as evidenced by our strong abilities to date. We will continue to develop new technologies in the production of Switching Power Supplies as well as conducting more research on products based on our already existing technology.

Sure-footed concept of management

With our company's specialisation in business management and the full play of our team-work-spirit, we believe that we will achieve even greater success in business development and profitability. We are striving for the lowest cost with our state-of-the art Production Process, the highest quality Production Management combined with the latest automation.

How SUNNY stays ahead of the competition

In order to remain competitive while continually making product innovations and refinements, Sunny has fully integrated all operations. All of the assembly, testing and packing are done in Sunny's own factories. At the same time, management is constantly striving for ways to speed up essential automation and reduce production time and expenses, thereby improving Sunny’s competitive position.